IUCAB:s new president is Olivier Mazoyer

IUCAB:S new president is Olivier Mazoyer, from Apac, France.

Oliver Mazoyer has worked as a commercial agent for more than 25 years. His company was established by both his parents over fifty years ago and today all three brothers are partners. In total, they are eight in the company.

– Our field of Business is Food (fresh and dry). We sell products as commercial Agents to Hyper and Supermarket purchase services, tells Olivier.

Olivier ‘s master is in management and European Law from Lyon Management and Law University.

– Because I love to have student opinions, I also teach Management of commercial team in a master 2 of the INSEC business school.

Olivier is 49 years old and married with 3 children. On his free time he enjoys running, skiing and Taï Chi. He is also interested in history focusing on Napoleon and the French Revolution.

For how long have you been active within IUCAB?

– My first participation was in 2001 in Berlin. I participate at my first Excom as Observer in 2005 in Cincinnati and was elected as Vice President in 2008 in Berlin, says Olivier.

What do you believe are the key topics for IUCAB to address?

We have a huge task!

1.       Make our profession well known as a very modern one. Often companies don’t know how to work with an agent.

2.       Communicate with the European Commission.

3.       Develop the Commercial Agent Network, next IUCAB congress in Warsaw will be a splendid opportunity.

4.      Find new members.

You work with food and come from a country famous for its kitchen, what is your favorite ingredient and dish and when do you prefer to enjoy it?

– We are lucky to have very good and famous kitchen. And don’t forget wine. What I LOVE is to share these moments with people I love or appreciate, such as special events like birthdays or Christmas. I especially appreciate unexpectedly romantic or friendship moments.

My favorite dish is traditional French cuisine. I prefer meat to fish. What are marvelous are duck liver, frog legs and all kind of “cochonaille” we eat in the Lyon Neighborhood.