CEO Helena Waker on Almedalen

The Almedalen week in Visby on Gotland will take place between the 2-9th of July and has evolved into Sweden’s largest political meeting place. CEO Helena Waker is invited to debate several topics.

This year’s Almedalen week starts on July 5th. Trade Partners Sweden is in place between the 5-7th of July and I will participate in two panels and debate the importance of innovative education and about city cores, malls and rents. Two widely different subjects, but both are important and close to my heart.

Knowledge is power and new forms of education are increasingly demanded. Nacka Kommun wants to start a creative place for higher education and conducts a seminar on the subject where we will discuss the need to develop higher education to match the skills required for jobs of today. Topics we share and gladly debate as a natural development of our work with Fashion Business Academy.

The future of the store is changing, consumption patterns are changing and the debate about rent, stores in the center of cities versus major shopping malls is an important issue. What do you think? How should we relate to malls near the city center? Should retail rents be lowered in order to ease the climate for the stores? Please share your opinion with me.

This time of the year is often very challenging when it comes to make time but I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the weekend. I wish June offers better weather than May and that the warm weather stays.

If you’re coming to Almedalen, let us hear from you!

Well met,
Helena Waker, CEO Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District

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