The importance of Trade – Trade Partners Sweden internationally

Trade Partners Sweden receives increasing requests from international stakeholders to present Sweden as a market and learn how to start trading with Sweden and finding a trading partner here. This month we have had delegations from Indonesia and Scotland on a visit and also held a seminar in Portugal.

The interest in the Swedish market is high internationally and Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District has become a natural partner to contact when you want to do business in Sweden. Something we, of course, are very happy about! We receive several requests each week to visit and try to receive as many as possible.

During the past month, we have received delegations from Indonesia and Scotland. The visitors made impressions in social media and also Indonesian TV when the delegation from Indonesia filmed their visit. The news feature can be seen here:

Stockholm Fashion District on Metro TV Indonesia. Thank you for visiting! @metrotv _______________________________________________#stockholmfashiondistrict

Publicerat av Stockholm Fashion District den 18 maj 2017

Even Scotland was very impressed during their visit and wrote about their experiences on Facebook:

This week, CEO Helena Waker travels to Portugal to hold a seminar for Portuguese companies within textile, production and fashion. Helena is invited by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and a large number of companies want to find professional partners in Sweden. A big and honorable assignment that shows that Trade Partner Sweden has a very good reputation internationally. All visits and international assignments help us build networks for the benefit of our members, which is important in today’s global society and necessary for all trade.

Through contacts in almost all of the world, we help you build your business, understand the global market where Sweden is a part, and we get a great opportunity to showcase all the knowledge we have in Sweden. We have a strong development and are often ahead. Swedish brands and to have a partner in Sweden is highly interesting internationally. Sweden, with our companies, are a model internationally and we are ranked as one of the world’s best countries to trade with.