To work as agent, distributor or importer

Association of Trade Partner Sweden/Agenturföretagen help our members with advice. We often receive questions from those who are new agents, distributors, importers or a new brand on the Swedish market. Here, we have explained the different concepts:

What is an agent?

According to the Swedish Commercial Agency Act, a commercial agent is a person who in business has agreed with another person, the principal, that on behalf of the latter independently engage and enduringly engage in the sale or purchase of goods by obtaining offers to the principal or by concluding agreements in his name.

A general agent is usually an agent who has a whole country as their sales territory.

What is a distributor / sole distributor?

In Sweden, there is no legal definition of a distributor.

An Exclusive Distribution Agreement means that one party, the supplier, reserves the other party, the distributor, a defined territory and undertakes not to deliver to another distributor within such territory.

What is an importer?

An importer is a sole distributor or retailer, but has its principal outside of Sweden.