August, 2017

14-19th of August, fashion week in Stockholm Fashion District
Stockholm Showroom, Stockholm Shoe House

16-18th of August, fashion week in Stockholm Fashion District
Fashion Business Days, Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair

20-25th of August, Buying Days in Varberg

23-26th of August: Trade Partners Sweden på Formex

28-31st of August: ANWR (trade fair for shoes)

30-31 of August: Preview Fabrics & Accessories

31 of August: World Trade Day


September, 2017

20-21st of September, seminars under the umbrella of Fashion Business Academy

24-26th of September: Buying days at Stockholm Shoe House

25-26th of September:Buying days at Stockholm Showroom

27-28th of September: Futura days at Stockholm Shoe House


October, 2017

9th of October: Clinics in Stockholm Shoe House

12th of October, 2017, deadline to apply for scholarships 2017

12th of October, 2017, 14.00-17.30, Board meeting

20-21st of October: Sample Sale


November, 2017

14th of November: Day for buyers, Stockholm Showroom

15th of November: Autumn meeting for the south and west groups

16th of November: Habit Modegalan

23rd of November, Autumn mingle party and scholarships

27-28th of November: Trends & Orders, Stockholm Showroom


December, 2017

5th of December: Buying days at Stockholm Shoe House

7th of December: Textile & Accessory Day


January, 2018

18-19th of January: Delegations meeting, IUCAB, Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers

24-25th of January: Preview Fabrics & Accessories for designers and buyers from Scandinavian fashion brands


February, 2018

5-10th of February: Fashion week in Stockholm Fashion District, which includes;

5-10th of February: Stockholm Showroom, open house

5-10th of February: Stockholm Shoe House, open house

7-9th of February: Fashion Business Days, fashion fair

7-9th of February: Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair, shoe, bag and accessory trade fair

18-23rd of February: Buying Days in Varberg for the shoe industry

26th of Februari – 4th of March: Buying group ANWR have buying days in Stockholm Fashion District


March, 2018

18-20th of March:Buying days in Stockholm Shoe House for the shoe industry

19-20th of March:Buying days in Stockholm Showroom for the fashion industry

20-21st of March: Buying days for the Futura group



12th of April: Board meeting

20-21st of April: Sample Sale



10-11th of May: Delegations meeting, IUCAB, Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers

24th of May: Trade Partner Summit and annual meeting

28-29th of May: Trends & Orders, Stockholm Showroom



7th of June: Textile Day, buying day in Stockholm Fashion District