NOOSA-Amsterdam is looking for a sales partner

NOOSA-Amsterdam; An independent and adventurous brand, a worldly and quirky company based in Amsterdam, a group of passionate and professional people with a common goal…

Creating beautiful, qualitative, original accessories and jewelry that have personal meaning and value for both the buyer and the makers. Meaningful accessories that encourage you to show who you are and which contribute to a better life for a large group of people in Nepal, Peru and Indonesia.

We do this in our own, honest and enthusiastic way in which the world is our source of inspiration: its diversity of people, cultures, traditions, stories and symbols.

NOOSA-Amsterdam products are currently available in approximately 10 countries. Our ambition is to continue to grow internationally.

We are thus looking for a partner in Sweden who is eager to successfully build and maintain the brand with the right customers. Someone who believes in the potential of the brand and concept and knows how to reach both the customers (distribution channel) as well as the consumers.

We are looking for a partner who

  • Believes in the potential of the brand NOOSA-Amsterdam
  • Has access to a network of fashion boutiques, concept stores, jewelry stores, which suits with the brand and price level of NOOSA-Amsterdam
  • Can identify him or herself with the NOOSA-Amsterdam brand values
  • Is independent, adventurous, involved & fun
  • Has experience in building international brands
  • Is honest with an eye for detail
  • Speaks both Swedish and English

Requirements for success!

  • Dedication towards and believe in the brand
  • Eager to achieve the full potential for NOOSA-Amsterdam in Sweden.
  • Strong fashion and lifestyle affinity and knowledge of the Swedish fashion retail market
  • Able to build PR for the brand by the right influencers
  • Managing and support the marketplace by ensuring best positioning and presentation of NOOSA-Amsterdam at retail.
  • Provide exceptional customer service by establishing and maintaining close customer relationships.

We are looking forward to meet you and to make it happen in Sweden!


If you are interested, please send an email to

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