Customized offer


At Trade Partners Sweden, companies and brands that are looking for a trading partner and to to establish themselves in our market meet. Here, you can get in touch with your new business partner to, for example, help with establishment and sales, your future agent, distributor, importer or an expert on how best to proceed with setting up your business. If you choose to participate in Trade Partners Sweden’s newsletter, your message will land directly in the inbox of your next business partner.

Do you want to reach the fashion industry?

Trade Partners Sweden is the founder of and run Stockholm Fashion District for the fashion industry in Sweden. Stockholm Fashion District is a unique and innovative business meeting place with showrooms open 365 days a year, fashion weeks gathering Swedish and international brands, forums for creativity and creativity and further development under the roof of the Fashion Business Academy. The district is visited annually by designers, e-tail, retail, international delegations, stakeholders and other fashion enthusiasts.

Participate in events, trade fairs or seminars?

In addition to traditional trade fair venues where you book your customer meetings and events for social networking, you have the opportunity to create joint events signed by your own brand/company and Stockholm Fashion District and/or Trade Partners Sweden, alternatively under your own name with support from Stockholm Fashion District’s and Trade Partners Sweden’s project manager team.

Price from SEK 5000.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can tailor an offer for you!

5000 kr inkl. moms