For Entrepreneurs

Welcome to an international business network with many contacts. Association of Trade Partners Sweden/Agenturföretagens members are trade experts, experts on the industry they are active within, and often material experts. We are also experts on business intelligence and business codes. In this way, the journey to successful international business is simplified and shortened. We are active where companies meet and operate closely with our members and their businesses.

We have a long heritage of expertise and was founded more than a century ago. Knowledge on coming trade trends and business intelligence can for instance be gained during Trade Partner Summit.


Association of Trade Partners Sweden/Agenturföretagen offers expertise within law. Attorney Anna-Karin Abdon daily give member companies advice on questions concerning contracts, commissions, copyright, termination, trademarks, marketing and much more. It is a great comfort to always be able to turn to a lawyer while knowing that answers to the most common questions are included in the membership. Of course, you may also hire lawyer Anna-Karin Abdon if necessary. Common questions:

-What is best for my brand, an agent, an employed sales representative or a distributor?
-What commission is appropriate for an agent and/or a distributor?
-What risks do I need to be aware of?
-Dare I sign this agreement?
-Who shall stand for costs associated with trade fairs and marketing?
-et al.

Business advice from experts

We have experts with extensive experience in several of the areas that our members have identified as important, including agency and distribution, board issues, business intelligence, business knowledge, customer care, finance, insurance, internationalization, law, leadership, PR & Communication, recruitment, sales, strategy and sustainability. Please contact us with your questions and we will help you and your business on.

International Activities

Association of Trade Partners Sweden/Agenturföretagen has an extensive international network and is active in several organizations worldwide. Our members have the world as their field of work and are experts in their respective markets. We advise our members daily on international issues, such as:

-Commercial Law and Contractual Issues
-Market Expertise
-Business Intelligence
-Leadership and Sustainability
-Strategy and Competitiveness

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