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Trade development and prosperity are influenced by everything that is happening around us. A decision taken at government level, or in a completely different country, can lead to huge effects for a company. Therefore, it is important for us to speak and be present when these issues are discusses. These topics affect our members' everyday lives, future and profitability to the highest degree.

Association of Trade Partners Sweden consists exclusively of experts in a wide variety of areas of trade. When you talk to us, you get answers to your questions, help with your problems and advice regarding your business.

Trade Partners Sweden is active members and hold a board position within the International Chamber of Commerce Sweden (ICC) and Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers (IUCAB). Our CEO and our lawyers work actively in reference groups for trade policies and in commercial law committees. We regularly advice our members on international issues, such as: commercial law and agreement issues, market expertise, world-wide analysis, leadership and sustainability, as well as strategy and competitiveness.

The Association of Trade Partners Sweden is the founder of and operates Stockholm Fashion District, Stockholm Shoe House and Stockholm Showroom and part-owner of the Swedish Fashion Council. Stockholm Fashion District is a unique business cluster and community for the fashion industry in Sweden and internationally. Each year, designers, e-tail, retail, international delegations, stakeholders and other fashion enthusiasts visits the district. Stockholm Fashion District includes two showroom buildings that gather hundreds of brands; Stockholm showroom consisting of 10,000 square meters of fashion showrooms and Stockholm Shoe House consisting of 4,200 square meters of showrooms with shoe brands.

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