Other industries

Association of Trade Partners Sweden is industry-specific and works for and with our members. We aim to elevate the industry on the political agenda and maintain strong contacts with the government, industry offices, organizations, and collaborative partners.

Through our international contacts, we monitor legal and trade issues via ICC and UICAB. We are also active in the Nordic Federation IUCAB, IDI, and Team Sweden, and collaborate with Business Sweden, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Stockholm County Governor.

Trade Partners is the founder of Stockholm Fashion District. We work closely with the Swedish Fashion Council and engage in supporting various important industry networks and fashion organizations such as the Swedish Fashion Association. We also serve as representatives in the Nordic Fashion Association (NFA), which comprises fashion organizations in the Nordic region.

We work on industry-specific projects and also promote all companies in trade and other industries. Some of the things we do include the following:

Stockholm Fashion District, founded in 2016 by Trade Partners, is a unique and innovative business meeting place with digital and physical showrooms open 365 days a year, fashion weeks focusing on trade that bring together Swedish and international brands and buyers, forums for creativity and creation, and further development through seminars and training. The district is visited annually by designers, e-commerce, retail, international delegations, stakeholders, and other fashion enthusiasts. Over 600 brands showcase their collections in the district.

Stockholm Showroom, consisting of 10,000 square meters and 85 showrooms featuring Swedish and international fashion brands. Stockholm Showroom was inaugurated in February 2016, and daily business transactions take place here while new contacts are made during activities, events, and fashion weeks.

Stockholm Shoe House, consisting of three floors showcasing Swedish and international shoe brands.

Network Groups, where Trade Partners Sweden works to create conditions for our members to succeed. We do this by actively participating and influencing developments within our members’ industries. Significant efforts are also made in legal matters to protect free trade and thus improve business opportunities for agents, distributors, importers, and others operating in an international environment.

Seminars and Training, where Stockholm Fashion District’s training and seminars target companies with growth potential in the design and fashion industry. You can be active in retail, within a design company, as a designer, agent, or distributor, marketing manager, salesperson, or CEO.

Market Council, for Stockholm Showroom and Stockholm Shoe House.

Newsletter, sent out monthly with content-rich information for industries.


In Trade Partners’ board within other industries, we have the representatives below.

Marie Forsberg

Ingenjörsfirma Bo Carlsson AB
Bransch: Järn och stål
Länder: Sverige, Finland och Norge

Peter Källman

Hawa Agenturer
Bransch: Möbler, möbelkomponenter
Länder: Kanada