Advertising Package Small


1 month and 1 newsletter.

At we meet companies and brands seeking a trading partner and want to establish themselves in our market. Here, you will get in touch with your new business partner for help with setting up and selling, your future agent, distributor, importer or expert on how best to do your business work and sales.

By participating in Trade Partners Sweden’s newsletter, your offer will be sent directly to your inbox at your next business partner.

Material needed from you
-A top image/banner, dimensions 1500 pixels wide and 600 pixels height.
-An image to the newsletter, dimensions 470 pixels wide and 700 pixels height.
-A short ad text to the newsletter, a maximum of 250 characters.
-An ad text about 1500 characters, including contact details and a link to your company website.

We need your advertising material no later than the 20th for it to be published in next month’s newsletter. We disclaim responsibility for fully booked newsletters.

Send your materials to after you’ve made your purchase.

3000 kr inkl. moms