Textile & Accessories

The Association of Trade Partners Sweden is industry-specific and works for and with our members. We aim to elevate the industry on the political agenda and maintain strong contacts with the government, industry offices, organizations, and collaborative partners.

Through our international contacts, we monitor legal and trade issues via ICC and UICAB. We are also active in the Nordic Federation IUCAB, IDI, and Team Sweden, and collaborate with Business Sweden, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and Stockholm County Governor.

Trade Partners is the founder of Stockholm Fashion District. We work closely with the Swedish Fashion Council and engage in supporting various important industry networks and fashion organizations such as the Swedish Fashion Association. We also serve as representatives in the Nordic Fashion Association (NFA), which comprises fashion organizations in the Nordic region.

We engage in industry-specific projects for each segment of our membership, and for our textile industry members, we undertake various initiatives including:

Nordic Fabric Fair, a unique international but tangible creative textile fair in Scandinavia. For many designers, the new season begins here as much as at the drawing board. Within the walls of this fair, there is great expertise among the experts on textile materials and accessories who participate. Visitors to the fair include international factories, producers, and weavers represented by Swedish agents. It is a meeting place for all stakeholders in the textile industry and is the largest and only textile fair in the Nordic region. It features 300 brands with textile collections and accessories showcased for designers in the Nordic region.

Textile Days, presenting new textile collections and held in Stockholm Fashion District, a cluster and community for the fashion industry in Sweden and internationally. It is an event that invites actors in the textile industry and is held twice a year. This event usually presents mainly men’s and basic collections.

Transformation Conference, a conference addressing technological and innovative solutions within the industry.

Market Council, for Stockholm Showroom.

Newsletter, sent out monthly with content-rich information for the textile industry.


In Trade Partners’ board within the textile industry, we have the representative below.

Sophie Kviman

Kviman Textil
Bransch: Textil
Länder: Italien, Portugal, Storbritannien