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Helena Waker, CEO

Helena is CEO of Trade Partners Sweden och Stockholm Fashion District.


+46 (0)70 607 08 34

Vanessa Leporati, Chairperson

Vanessa is chairperson of Trade Partners Sweden och Stockholm Fashion District.


+46 (0)70 471 83 40

Anna-Karin Abdon, Federal lawyer & advisor

Anna-Karin is the federal lawyer for Trade Partners Sweden.


Katarina Wåhlberg, Head of Customer Relations

Katarina is customer manager for Stockholm Showroom and Stockholm Shoe House, and contact person for rental of showrooms.

Project manager for:
Trends & Orders
Buying days in Stockholm Shoe House


+46 (0)70 090 42 48

Amanda Heldring, Project Manager

Amanda is the project manager for Stockholm Fashion District's events and fairs.

Project manager for:
Fashion Week Trade
Nordic Fabric Fair
Textile Day
Buying Days in Varberg


+46 (0)70 852 77 20

Ebba Hultberg, Project & Member Success Manager

Ebba is manager for Trade Partners Sweden's members.

Project manager for:
Trade Partners Summit
Trade Partners Swedens annual meetings, autumn meetings, and network meetings
Days of Trade – Interior & Design


+46 (0)72 142 66 37

Malin Wasström, Head of Communication Marketing

Malin is communication and marketing manager at Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District.


Linn Brännare, Customer Service

Linn works with customer service at Stockholm Showroom and Stockholm Shoe House.


+46 (0)76 719 56 38

Filip Neborg, Project Assistant

Filip assists on Stockholm Fashion District’s och Trade Partners Sweden’s events.


+46 (0)73 598 35 09

SFD Delivery

At Stockholm Fashion District’s logistics centre, SFD Delivery, Nativus receive collections, packages and help all brands and companies acting from the district with their shipments.