Take your company to the next level, part 1 – boards

Entrepreneurs want to develop their companies and grow. Nevertheless, only about 5% of Sweden's companies reach a turnover of more than SEK 20 million. Why do not companies grow even though most entrepreneurs work hard to do so?

Member of the month: Boman Trading

Boman Trading supplies textile to Sweden's leading designers. Their principals are primarily in Italy and Portugal, but they also represent factories in South Korea and Turkey. We asked Kikki Boman about business issues, what is the most important issue for designers today and what opportunities and challenges they face. 


  Association of Trade Partners Sweden find that inspiration and further education are key ingredients in any successful business. Therefore, scholarships are each year handed out to member companies wishing to learn a new skill or for further development. To apply, you need to have ...

Swedish shopping malls 2017 (this article is only available in Swedish)

(Svenska) I veckan fick vi en färsk rapport under seminariet Svenska Köpcentrum 2017 av HUI Research om hur det ser ut för köpcentrum och handelsområden i Sverige idag. Vad är egentligen sant om butiksdöden, hur ser det ut om man jämför Sverige med USA och hur har Mall of Scandinavia påverkat handeln i Stockholm?

(Svenska) Trots protektionism tappar tullar i betydelse

Trade Partners Sweden/Agenturföretagens ordförande träffade Fredrik Erixon, chef för European Centre for International Political Economy och rankad som en av Bryssels 30 mest betydelsefulla personer, när han i veckan besökte Internationella Handelskammaren i Stockholm och talade om följande (in Swedish).

Member of the month: Studio Formata

Studio Formata has received a lot of attention for their beautiful patterns applied to trays and notebooks, among other things, patterns with names like Northern Lights. Swedish magazine Sköna Hem as well as the British The World ...

Podcast med landshövding Chris Heister och CEO Helena Waker

Stockholm is full of companies that import and export goods. In this podcast, County Governor Chris Heister invited our CEO Helena Waker to talk about the importance of international trade for Stockholm and how hard companies ...